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Posted on Tuesday 15 January 2008

de Ion Luca Caragiale

O baba chioara-aseaza tingirea cu pasat
Pe-o pirostie schioapa… Hiertura-n foc a dat…

The Fourth Protocol dvd

Shakespeare in Love dvd

Bad Jim hd

Si scuipa biata baba, si blestema, se-nchina:
„Spurcatu!… Necuratu…” (Iel singur ie de vina!)


Spre mangaiere — adeseori
Ne trebuiesc… instigatori.

Justice Be Damned download

Pluto’s Heart Throb movie

The Karate Kid, Part III full movie The Spider Woman download

BloodRayne II: Deliverance video

Super Troopers movie full

Last Stand at Saber River

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